Why smiling is so powerful

“No matter how scary it can get
You have to smile and say you’re okay
Those who keep smiling are the strongest after all”

– Nana Shimura



“Coding is just like playing a game of Tetris. Some people can make it extremely hard for themselves very fast, while others seem to be clearing rows effortlessly.”

– Me

Why negative people are negative

“Pessimistic people have often been hurt before. Life has given them serious blows, and they have either never recovered, or not recovered completely.”

“The truth is that negative people are afraid. They’re afraid of not knowing how to get up again after a fall.”

– Tesia Blake [source]


“A good decision doesn’t guarantee a good result, just as a bad decision doesn’t guarantee a bad result.
The careless can hit lucky; the careful can be shot down.”


“Programming isn’t about what you know; it’s about what you can figure out.”

– Chris Pine